Standard vs. Pro

What's the Difference?

The Standard Version of CheckMAN is a fabulous product. The Professional Version of CheckMAN is out of this world!

You can upgrade now for an additional $35 or do it later for $60. To help you with your decision we've put together this nifty table to illustrate the differences between the Standard Version and the Pro Version.

Features Standard Version Pro Version
Prints Customer Checks Yes Yes
Prints Personal Checks Yes Yes
Prints Your Own "Blank" Checks Yes Yes
Prints Deposit Summaries No Yes
Prints File & Receipt Copies No Yes
Handles Monthly "Auto-Drafts" No Yes
Prints Endorsement on the Back No Yes
Ability to Import Signature No Yes
Ability to Import Artwork / Logos No Yes
Automatic Bank File Shortcut No Yes
Blank Check Stock Regular Price 25% Discount
Price for 300 Checks Only $20 + s/h $15 + s/h
Price for Upgrade + 300 Checks - $55 + s/h
Price of Upgrade NOW - $40
Price of Upgrade LATER - $60